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Using Blockchain technology to change the way we fund education programs.

KidCoin is a new curriculum concept that ties a Blockchain-focused course of study to an in-browser cryptocurrency mining tool - all made available for FREE.

Students learn about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and related Computer Science concepts while their instructors learn how to setup and run the KidCoin miner. Any type of organization that serves students can make money for their programs by running the KidCoin miner on lab computers while they are not in use. The computing power of all computers across all participating schools is harnessed together to create a single, enormous cryptocurrency mining pool - the proceeds of which are split amongst the participating schools.

The KidCoin curriculum is oriented towards early high-school level learners.

It was developed by experienced Computer Science teachers backed by the engineering team at Concentric Sky. The curriculum will be released under a Creative Commons license as OER, and will initially be made available via Canvas. The KidCoin miner runs in a browser and is free to use. There’s nothing to install, and organizations can begin generating funding within minutes.